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Entertainers Ireland Stand Together


The association ÉIST has been established to provide a voice for entertainers who have been adversely affected by the health emergency. 


As we come out of our current situation, and transition into what will inevitably be a stark new economic reality, it will be imperative that any policy decisions the Government makes will give due consideration to the importance of the entertainment industry, and the enormous contribution it makes to the economic health of our country. ÉIST will be the definitive voice for entertainers and will stay focussed on one clear objective: 


‘To ensure a fair and equitable future for the entertainers of Ireland’



The entertainment industry, and in particular entertainers, are the lifeblood that sustain many of our most vital revenue-generating industries including tourism, city life, rural life and enhance the reputation of this country internationally. 



Our cities are hubs of activity fuelled by entertainment, with their venues, theatres, hotels and pubs attracting millions of local and international visitors annually. 



Rural Ireland relies on entertainers to bring its communities together, providing the public house, the local venue or theatre with an essential means of attracting clientele.  



Tourism is among our most valuable revenue-generating industries, and is sustained to a substantial degree by entertainers.



Ireland is internationally recognised for the exemplary standards of its performing artists.  Our entertainers travel the world over, acting as artistic ambassadors, and greatly enhancing the reputation of our country, much of the time at no additional cost to the exchequer. 



Entertainers will play a vital role in rebuilding a brighter future for Ireland, and must be given due consideration as a national framework for re-establishing a healthy economy is being developed. This journey will not be easy, and that fact must be universally accepted. However, as we transition through the various phases and challenges arising out of this unprecedented emergency, we must recognise the essential role that entertainers have played in making Ireland the great success she is and can continue to be.  


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